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Clear and Easy Collaboration with clients, team members or anyone to get work done
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What is AirSend?

The Simplest Remote Work and Communication Platform. Central hub for all your conversations, files, tasks and notes. Get work done faster and better.
AirSend is a tool in the Enterprise Collaboration category of a tech stack.

AirSend's Features

  • Have conversations
  • Share/organize files
  • Track next steps
  • Keep notes

AirSend Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to AirSend?
It makes software that helps companies create digital experiences on web, mobile and connected devices.
Yammer brings the power of social networking to your company. Collaborate securely across departments, geographies, content and business applications.
It is a free (for small businesses) social enterprise platform. It is a united work space which handles the many aspects of daily operations and tasks. Create your own social intranet in minutes.
It is an enterprise communication and collaboration platform. that enables text, photo, voice and video communication, workflow management and collaboration among team members and enterprises of various sizes.
eXo Platform
eXo Platform is a digital workplace solution that allows businesses to connect, engage, empower and reward teams.
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