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I know this is a fairly common question, but I feel like this stuff is pretty dynamic, and things fall in/out of fashion over time.

So here it is: I am an aspiring front-end web developer (eventually full stack, but focused on front-end for the time being). I feel pretty comfortable with HTML5, CSS/Sass, and I know enough JavaScript to get by.

I am an adult student doing the self-teaching route, and while my grasp on vanilla JS isn't stellar, I feel like it would be a good idea to start incorporating a framework into my learning. I just have no idea which to choose. To be honest, Svelte looks the best to me, BUT I am looking to be marketable in the future, so it's probably best to start with a more popular framework.

React seems to be the obvious answer popularity-wise, but I want to hear updated opinions from people in the field. While I haven't completely defined my focus, I like creating UI's and really have fun with CSS/Sass.

Thanks in advance, and I hope you're all having a great and safe weekend.

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Although React is the most popular and well rounded library out there, I suggest starting with Svelte. My reasoning for this is the fact that Svelte has a very easy learning curve, since this framework encourages one style of writing components, CSS, state management e.t.c. Whereas React provides flexibility in that manner. I suggest you to learn the basics using Svelte, once you’ve figured out all aspects of writing apps with this framework, move on to React + TypeScript. It will bring joy to your learning process and you will start building apps immediately.

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I am glad you like Svelte! and I am glad you didn't listed Angular.

I would go with my point of view, if you're considerably new to javascript, I would consider to focus on sharpening those skills. You will need them in order to build anything with those 3 options. You may be surprised how important is to get into the market, so, I would recommend 2 options: * Vue.js has a lot of acceptance nowadays, it's robust enough and ecosystem grows and thrives. Also I consider by my own experience the simplest to learn. Nonetheless, in my experience I don't see vue thriving as much as react. * React.js is the most popular, the one that would probably teach you best javascript and probably for. new learners the least simple to learn. However, once you get it, you would never look back and wonder why you took the decision. React.js is not going anywhere, it would be the option to choose for quite long time. Has wide market acceptance and ecosystem is fantastic.

You could always learn them at the same time tho! It's really up to you! Have fun

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ifck dsk
ifck dsk
December 11th 2021 at 4:32AM

I am glad you like Svelte! and I am glad you didn't listed Angular.


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