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Datadog is, at its core, a developer and sys admin facing company and we care deeply about how we interact and engage with our community of engineers. We’re focused on finding marketing channels that target a highly technical audience and provide a place where Datadog’s capabilities can be presented with the detail that engineers look for. When we first heard about StackShare, we were intrigued because it was different from the other similar sites we had seen. They were, and still are, laser-focused on helping developers find the right tools. So, we decided to experiment with a paid campaign and the results have been great. Our StackShare campaign produced a 6.6% conversion rate last month, which makes it one of our most efficient channels for our paid acquisition efforts. After hearing about some of the features they have planned, I think they have the potential to drive significantly more highly qualified leads at a very cost effective cost per acquisition.
- Alex Rosemblat, Director of Marketing
Company Stats
  • Cloud Monitoring as a Service
  • Over 30,000 cloud and on-premise servers under management
  • 50+ Employees
Company Stats
  • Custom Analytics as a Service
  • Captures billions of events monthly
  • 30+ Employees
At Keen IO we rely primarily on our customers to help get the word out. We enthusiastically support them and in return they tell their friends about us. Beyond that, we also work with a few trusted partners like StackShare. Developers on StackShare are highly-engaged and interested in using cloud services to improve their productivity. As a cloud service we’re a great fit for these developers, and the numbers show it: our conversion rate from StackShare traffic is over 8%. StackShare is one-of-a-kind, and we’re really happy to be a customer.
- Josh Dzielak, VP Engineering
Imgix has now delivered over 75 billion images. Given the nature of our service, our typical customers are large enterprises and startups. Reaching infrastructure engineers at these kinds of companies is no easy task. StackShare has been amazingly effective at helping some of our largest customers learn about us. We regularly hear that our customers first discovered us on StackShare. The ROI on our spend on StackShare is amazing. No other site even comes close.
- Chris Zacharias, Founder & CEO
Company Stats
  • Smart CDN for Images
  • Over 60 Billion images served
  • 7 Employees