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We implemented our first large scale EPR application from using CouchDB .

Very fast, replication works great, doesn't consume much RAM, queries are blazing fast but we found a problem: the queries were very hard to write, it took a long time to figure out the API, we had to go and write our own @nodejs library to make it work properly.

It lost most of its support. Since then, we migrated to Couchbase and the learning curve was steep but all worth it. Memcached indexing out of the box, full text search works great.

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Needs advice

Existing configuration is like we have 100 local expensive Docker pod based decryptions (in=encrypted, out-=decrypted).

To reduce the load, 8 Varnish baremetals are used in between the client and the dockers. The varnish is dropping in performance if the connection count to it increases.'

-- the client C code is also integrated with Memcached for other types of data.

What would be my steps to compare Varnish vs Memcache?

  • TTL is 12 hours
  • qps is 500kqps across all varnish
  • connection count to each varnish server is 360000
  • size of data per query is 5k to 14k

thanks all!

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