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Needs advice

Needs advice on code coverage tool in Node.js/ExpressJS with External API Testing Framework

Hello community,

I have a web application with the backend developed using Node.js and Express.js. The backend server is in one directory, and I have a separate API testing framework, made using SuperTest, Mocha, and Chai, in another directory. The testing framework pings the API, retrieves responses, and performs validations.

I'm currently looking for a code coverage tool that can accurately measure the code coverage of my backend code when triggered by the API testing framework. I've tried using Istanbul and NYC with instrumented code, but the results are not as expected.

Could you please recommend a reliable code coverage tool or suggest an approach to effectively measure the code coverage of my Node.js/Express.js backend code in this setup?

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For our internal team and collaboration panel we use Nuxt.js (with TypeScript that is transpiled into ES6), Webpack and npm. We enjoy the opinionated nature of Nuxt.js over vanilla Vue.js, as we would end up using all of the components Nuxt.js incorporates anyways and we can adhere to the conventions setup by the Nuxt.js project, which allows us to get better support in case we run into any dead ends. Webpack allows us to create reproducable builds and also debug our application with hot reloads, which greately increased the pace at which we are able to perform and test changes. We also incorporated a lot of testing (ESLint, Chai, Jasmine, Nightwatchjs) into our pipelines and can trigger those jobs through GitLab CI. All packages are fetched through npm, so that we can keep our git repositories slim and are notified of new updates aswell as reported security flaws.

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