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We are in the process of building a modern content platform to deliver our content through various channels. We decided to go with Microservices architecture as we wanted scale. Microservice architecture style is an approach to developing an application as a suite of small independently deployable services built around specific business capabilities. You can gain modularity, extensive parallelism and cost-effective scaling by deploying services across many distributed servers. Microservices modularity facilitates independent updates/deployments, and helps to avoid single point of failure, which can help prevent large-scale outages. We also decided to use Event Driven Architecture pattern which is a popular distributed asynchronous architecture pattern used to produce highly scalable applications. The event-driven architecture is made up of highly decoupled, single-purpose event processing components that asynchronously receive and process events.

To build our #Backend capabilities we decided to use the following: 1. #Microservices - Java with Spring Boot , Node.js with ExpressJS and Python with Flask 2. #Eventsourcingframework - Amazon Kinesis , Amazon Kinesis Firehose , Amazon SNS , Amazon SQS, AWS Lambda 3. #Data - Amazon RDS , Amazon DynamoDB , Amazon S3 , MongoDB Atlas

To build #Webapps we decided to use Angular 2 with RxJS

#Devops - GitHub , Travis CI , Terraform , Docker , Serverless

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Jon Senterfitt
Jon Senterfitt
January 29th 2021 at 7:07AM

But why not just use Contentful?

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Angular 2


It seems to be an old question, but I am confused with answers on google.

I am working on a project similar to YELP, where businesses post their services on a platform, and users can see details, reviews, and order their services on it.

I want to learn something new, considering MEAN stack, as I am currently a front end developer with angular latest, and I love Angular 2. I wonder if MongoDB will work perfectly here, as I also need to deploy APIs for mobile apps. My next project is an E-COMMERCE website, and I had to consider this stack for that too.

I will have shared hosting for now, for almost 8 months, after that, I can move these projects to dedicated hosting. I had to deploy APIs and backend on the same.

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Hi there!

I just want to have a simple poll/vote...

If you guys need a UI/Component Library for React, Vue.js, or AngularJS, which type of library would you prefer between:

1 ) A single maintained cross-framework library that is 100% compatible and can be integrated with any popular framework like Vue, React, Angular 2, Svelte, etc.

2) A native framework-specific library developed to work only on target framework like ElementUI for Vue, Ant Design for React.

Your advice would help a lot! Thanks in advance :)

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Hello Everyone, I need an advice about my situation.

I have a backend implemented using ASP.NET Core, which basically contains 100-150 services (API). We documented it using Swagger and for the front end we are using angular 11. THE QUESTION: Is there any tool that can generate these APIs with their definition from the back end as Angular 2 methods? It is really not effective to redefine all these methods manually again in the frontend. Is there is any library that I can use to generate a file (like a proxy) that contains a set of methods where each method has an httpclient which contains the info (baseURL+endpoint), method type like post or get, the parameters that this API needs and the response interface?

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