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Telegram API vs Telegram Bot API: What are the differences?


Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app that allows users to send messages, make voice and video calls, share media files, and create groups. It has an open API that allows developers to build their own Telegram clients or bots. The Telegram API and Telegram Bot API are two different interfaces provided by Telegram for developers to interact with the Telegram platform.

Key differences between Telegram API and Telegram Bot API:

  1. User Authentication: In the Telegram API, developers can authenticate users using their phone number or by requesting a verification code. This allows developers to access user-specific data and perform actions on the user's behalf. On the other hand, the Telegram Bot API does not support user authentication directly. Bots can only interact with users who have initiated a conversation with the bot first.

  2. Bot Permissions: When using the Telegram API, developers can assign different permissions to users based on their roles. This allows for fine-grained control over what actions a user can perform within the Telegram ecosystem. Conversely, the Telegram Bot API does not provide such user permissions. Bots have a fixed set of permissions and cannot be granted additional rights or access.

  3. Bot Interaction: The Telegram API allows developers to create custom Telegram clients with rich user interfaces and interactive features. Developers can build apps that provide a full-fledged messaging experience, including features like sticker packs, custom themes, and advanced message handling. In contrast, the Telegram Bot API is designed specifically for building chatbots. It provides a limited set of features for sending and receiving messages, managing group chats, and handling inline queries.

  4. Message Types: The Telegram API supports a wide range of message types, including text messages, media files (such as photos, videos, and audio files), stickers, and documents. Developers can send and receive messages in different formats and handle them according to their needs. In contrast, the Telegram Bot API has limited support for message types. Bots can send and receive text messages, media files, stickers, and a few other message types, but more complex formats like polls or albums are not supported.

  5. Real-time Updates: With the Telegram API, developers can receive real-time updates about events happening in Telegram, such as new messages, user actions, or channel updates. This allows for instant notifications and seamless integration with other services. Conversely, the Telegram Bot API does not support real-time updates. Bots need to periodically poll the Telegram servers to check for new events or messages, introducing delays and potentially higher server load.

  6. API Complexity: The Telegram API is more complex and requires a deeper understanding of the Telegram protocol and architecture. It provides access to a wide array of features and allows for more flexibility in building custom Telegram clients. On the other hand, the Telegram Bot API is simpler and easier to use, with a more streamlined set of functionalities tailored specifically for building chatbots.

In Summary, the key differences between the Telegram API and the Telegram Bot API are user authentication, bot permissions, bot interaction capabilities, message types support, real-time updates, and API complexity.

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Pros of Telegram API
Pros of Telegram Bot API
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    Open Source
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    Integrating with other services
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    Getting customized notifications and news
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    Creating custom tools like GitHub bot
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    Easy setup
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    Great documentation which is easily understandable
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    Creating private/public bots
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    Easily manageable

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What is Telegram API?

This API allows you to build your own customized Telegram clients. It is 100% open for all developers who wish to create Telegram applications on our platform.

What is Telegram Bot API?

Bots are third-party applications that run inside Telegram. Users can interact with bots by sending them messages, commands and inline requests. You control your bots using HTTPS requests to our bot API.

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What tools integrate with Telegram API?
What tools integrate with Telegram Bot API?

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