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Basecamp vs Pivotal Tracker: What are the differences?

Basecamp: The leading web-based project management and collaboration tool. Basecamp is a project management and group collaboration tool. The tool includes features for schedules, tasks, files, and messages; Pivotal Tracker: Build better software, faster. Collaborative, lightweight agile project management tool, brought to you by the experts in agile software development.

Basecamp and Pivotal Tracker are primarily classified as "Project Management" and "Agile Project Management" tools respectively.

Some of the features offered by Basecamp are:

  • Basecamp is super fast and famously easy to use.
  • Basecamp helps you get caught up if you’ve been away.
  • Have full control of who sees which projects.

On the other hand, Pivotal Tracker provides the following key features:

  • Tracker Story- simple story editing and drag-and-drop prioritization
  • Velocity and Emergent Iterations- Tracker calculates future iterations automatically, based on historical performance.
  • Release and Scope Management- Completion dates are calculated automatically, based on velocity - your live measure of historical performance. See impact on scope as new stories are added immediately, and move stories around easily via drag and drop as priorities change.

"Team collaboration (non-tech)" is the top reason why over 67 developers like Basecamp, while over 70 developers mention "Agile" as the leading cause for choosing Pivotal Tracker.

According to the StackShare community, Pivotal Tracker has a broader approval, being mentioned in 198 company stacks & 55 developers stacks; compared to Basecamp, which is listed in 124 company stacks and 53 developer stacks.

Advice on Basecamp and Pivotal Tracker
Needs advice

A rapidly growing start-up in the biotech field. Main requirements not limited to, but include - cloud sharing, interacting through comments and messages, being able to specify deadlines, estimated time interval, time-lapsed/remaining, assign multiple tasks (task dependencies), and label their priority level, and have integration with a nice group of tools/apps (google and so on).

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Replies (4)

Basecamp is a great product for remote teams. It is a mindset. If you're looking for a standard project management tool with lots of features, ClickUp is a great choice. It's a bit slow (especially mobile), but in terms of features, it's unbeatable.

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Mahdi Perfect

A good collaboration tool was always a big challene in the most team I've met. The main challenge is there are many tools with tons of features. They'r all great in the paper. But in practice, the team usually doesn't enjoy collaborating using them. This is the challenging part. The project management tools should be well designed to keep simplicity in combination with well-chosen features to bring the most productivity and activity among the team. I'm thinking about many of my stacks, ClickUp is one of the few choices which I've never thought about migrating about. I can't describe it in text, I just advise you to try it once and you'll understand. The team behind ClickUp is really active. They really care about delivering new features.

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You are describing something close to issue tracker like redmine, jira+confluence, youtrack and etc. Redmine is absolutely free, for jira you should pay, youtrack has different licenses.

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Aukse Zilenaite
at Courage and Content · | 1 upvotes · 55.8K views

I have been using this for a while and recommended to my last 15 clients who were amazed by the flexibility of the platform. It has everything You need!

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Pros of Basecamp
Pros of Pivotal Tracker
  • 72
    Team collaboration (non-tech)
  • 39
    It's simple and intuitive
  • 24
    Great UI
  • 20
    Plain, simple
  • 15
    Very fast
  • 12
    Clear pricing
  • 9
    Super fast task creation
  • 7
    Integration with external services
  • 4
    iPhone app
  • 4
    Frequent + awesome updates
  • 1
    Remote management
  • 1
    As close to an all-in-one tool that is client friendly
  • 1
    Team collaboration
  • 1
    Team and client collaboration
  • 1
    Plays nice with Google Apps
  • 73
  • 58
    Easy to use
  • 51
    Nice UI
  • 37
    Scrum friendly
  • 27
    Simple estimation
  • 22
    Slack Integration
  • 13
  • 9
    Great support
  • 9
    Easy setup
  • 7
    It does the estimation better than we humans
  • 3
    Nice ios app
  • 2
    The right kind of simplicity

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Cons of Basecamp
Cons of Pivotal Tracker
  • 3
  • 2
    Can't seem to change the number of total points

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What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is a project management and group collaboration tool. The tool includes features for schedules, tasks, files, and messages.

What is Pivotal Tracker?

It is a collaborative, lightweight agile project management tool, brought to you by the experts in agile software development.

Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

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What tools integrate with Basecamp?
What tools integrate with Pivotal Tracker?

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