I want to choose Message Queue with the following features - Highly Available, Distributed, Scalable, Monitoring. I have RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Kafka and Apache RocketMQ in mind. But I am confused which one to choose.

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Kafka was only introduced to our platform in August 2018 as a means to manage our data pipeline and to replace other messaging systems used to decouple various components in our system. Kafka provides the scale and storage we need to manage data for however many devices we might service. Additionally, Kafka has helped us lay the framework for improved and highly detailed statistics gathering and analysis.

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The question for which Message Queue to use mentioned "availability, distributed, scalability, and monitoring". I don't think that this excludes many options already. I does not sound like you would take advantage of Kafka's strengths (replayability, based on an even sourcing architecture). You could pick one of the AMQP options.

I would recommend the RabbitMQ message broker, which not only implements the AMQP standard 0.9.1 (it can support 1.x or other protocols as well) but has also several very useful extensions built in. It ticks the boxes you mentioned and on top you will get a very flexible system, that allows you to build the architecture, pick the options and trade-offs that suite your case best.

For more information about RabbitMQ, please have a look at the linked markdown I assembled. The second half explains many configuration options. It also contains links to managed hosting and to libraries (though it is missing Python's - which should be Puka, I assume).

rabbitmq_presentation/README.markdown at master · mediafinger/rabbitmq_presentation · GitHub (github.com)
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