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I have been using Firebase with almost all my web projects as well as SwiftUI projects. I use it for the database as well as the user authentication via Google.

Is it good enough?? I have learned MySQL but I'm not that comfortable…

So for user authentication and database should I keep using firebase or switch to MySQL or MongoDB?? Or any other combination?

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Look if you are comfortable with firebase you can go with it, after all, It's all about development and running your program bug-free and fast, but firebase is costly fo long run and if you are comfortable with that cost then I suggest you go with it.

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saarthak tuli
saarthak tuli
May 28th 2022 at 12:21PM

I am not really comfortable with it... I am currently using the free tier. But i want to switch from it.. I am an enthusiast so i wont mind doing the extra work... I just want a scalable robust platform that is relatively easy to use

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I’m not an expert, but I can tell you some things:

  • Firebase is a great option for a very simple to implement, fast and reliable authentication method. Nonetheless, the free authentications are limited, so if you will potentially have millions of monthly authentications, it’s probably best to take the time to build it into your app directly.
  • MySQL is great for simple tables where the data structures are not too complex, but it lacks some speed when you are trying to retrieve time data series. Also, I believe it’s a bit more difficult to distribute.
  • MongoDB is great when your information is a bit more complex and you need very peculiar data structures, nested data, dynamic structures, etc. For me at least, it’s a bit more complex to master than MySQL, but the freedom it gives you is incredible. It also performs super fast, especially with time data series, and if I’m not wrong, it’s more scalable.

In general, almost all technologies have their good things, it’s just a matter of what you want to do and then choosing the right ones.

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saarthak tuli
saarthak tuli
May 28th 2022 at 4:41AM

I understood it… so I’ll use it according to my needs.

Thank you so much !!

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