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Needs advice

Looking to replace Slack and Jira with something simpler, cost-effective, and easy on the eyes (makes management easier visually).

JIRA is great but not fun to use visually and hard to report with. Not easy just to look at quickly and go, "Okay, I know where we are."

Slack is fantastic for chat/comms but useless when it comes to threads and making to-do lists, and knowing where we are in that list.

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Hello Anthony,

If you want to replace those 2 tools which are completely different from the use case, I think I will suggest Asana if you want something cheap and Monday if you want something more visual but a little bit more expensive. I agree with Slack. Slack is to communicate and you can integrate tasks and reminders there from the Project Management Tool but it is not a place to work on the tasks. And Jira is really powerful and complex. I think you will like Asana if you want something easy and Monday if you want something more visual. I didn't use Quip for a long time but I don't think will be an option in this case if you want something simpler, easy and cheaper.

Another option for me is Noton which is easy and simple too because connects very well with documentation.

I hope you found useful this recommendation.

All the best,

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I used and Asana, but not Quip. I think is more visual than Asana. And my recommendation is to check their templates and videos for your industry, they have very good materials that can get you started. And then you can use a bot to keep the track of your daily progress: * bot for Slack - you can create tasks directly from Slack, or get notifications. or * for Discord - it is a daily standup bot that integrates with, so every morning you can see in Discord the list of your tasks from and plan your day, and Orli shares it with the team and keeps everything up to date. So you don't need get distracted by getting on and do some other things. And what's cool is that the support team is very helpful and you can ask for the features you need.

Cheers, Anca

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