Why Developers Use TypeScript in 2019

In our last post, we examined why developers love VS Code and one thing we noticed was that ½ of the responses mentioned TypeScript. Naturally, we then wanted to know why developers use TypeScript (with or without VS Code). This is what we found.

We will start with the inventor of Sass:

“I use TypeScript because it's like a prettier more type safe version of JavaScript."

“We're finding that frontend and backend libraries are supporting TypeScript out of the box"

“TypeScript also allows you to use the latest features of JavaScript while also providing the type checking."

“The tooling is more mature, there's a ton of examples and tutorials for it, and it just generally seems to be where the industry is headed."

“Since we're migrating the codebase to TypeScript, we'll likely end up removing most usage of [Underscore] and ultimately no longer needing it"

“Previously we used Flow but it was sometimes really difficult to make the types work the way you want."

“I regularly re-validate my assumption about application architecture, and strictness of types allow me to write make changes safely"

“[It] is very similar to Java so your backend engineers and full stack engineers can work with it without much of context switch."

“It makes your code easier to understand and read... which means it makes other people's code easier to understand and read."

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