How Companies Are Using StackShare to Attract and Recruit Top Developer Talent

Hiring top-notch developer talent is no easy task. Not to mention, the competition is fierce. There are hundreds of thousands of developer jobs open at any given point. So how can your company break through all the noise and attract developers to apply?

Luckily, well over half a million developers use StackShare to make better and more streamlined technology decisions. These developers are already leveraging StackShare to publicly compare, discuss, and research what the world’s best companies are using. Many of these developers are part of the world’s best engineering teams, while others are interested in one day joining one.

At StackShare, we know developers, engineers, architects, and even CTOs, care a lot about the tools they use. We’ve been in their shoes, spending a good chunk of our careers working with or trying to work with our preferred tech stack.

We make it easy to post about your open positions to our community of developers, so you have the right audience to start with. More importantly, we allow you to share your tech stack with the world, so a yet-to-be-hired team member knows which tools and technologies they would be using on the job.

Let’s dive into what some of the world's best technology-focused companies are doing now to leverage StackShare to help them get in front of developers using platforms like Twitter, Hacker News, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Lever, and Greenhouse.


With StackShare, companies can post their tech stack so a developer perusing a company's profile can picture themselves using that stack at this company. By directing people to their tech stack profile, employers can help engineers self-select for opportunities that will be a good fit for them.

Today, companies are adding their tech stack profiles to open job reqs, so devs can quickly see the stack they would be working with. Then, they're amplifying these job postings and their stack profiles on Twitter for extra reach. Here are some great examples:

Hacker News (Who Is Hiring?)

Hacker News is one of, if not the, largest community sites for software developers on the Internet. Way back in the day, StackShare even got it's start by posting an early prototype to get feedback. To this day, it remains the "front page" for millions of developers across the world.

Every month, there's a discussion thread that's posted on the first business day of every month called "Who is hiring?" It's a thread where companies and organizations can let developers know about any job opportunities that are available and the details behind these opportunities (for free). All sorts of companies post their opportunities there from public companies like Red Hat (IBM) to scaling startups like ResearchGate (below). One of the most important aspects of a job opportunity for any developer is the technology they'll be using. Savvy companies don't just list out the tech stack, but they also link to their tech stack to give developers the full picture.

Check out more examples of companies posting their tech stacks in the Who Is Hiring threads on Hacker News here


LinkedIn is where everyone's resume lives. Over 5 million software developers and engineers have profiles on LinkedIn. At the same time, there are well over 600,000 engineer and developer jobs posted on LinkedIn at any given time. With all of those options, it isn't easy for companies to stick out and get developers interested in your open roles. Companies like Spotify differentiate themselves by making sure their tech stack is front and center in their job posts on LinkedIn:

Plenty of other companies have realized the benefits of showing off their tech stack as part of their open roles on LinkedIn, check out more examples here.


Glassdoor is another popular platform for developer job seekers, with over 300,000 engineer/developer jobs listed. Companies like Lumosity highlight their tech stack on Glassdoor by leveraging StackShare as well:

Check out more examples of companies highlighting their tech stacks using StackShare via Glassdoor here.

Lever & Greenhouse

Lever & Greenhouse are two of the most popular ATSs in the market. Many companies on StackShare use one of these platforms to allow developers to apply for their open roles and manage them through the recruiting process. If you use Lever or Greenhouse, you can automatically pull in your open roles to be listed on StackShare's job board (instructions below).

But you can also highlight your tech stack in the job listings themselves on Lever and Greenhouse. Here's how up and coming startups like Bunch, Gitbook, and Letgo are highlighting their tech stacks via Lever & Greenhouse:

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StackShare is more than just a tech stack collaboration platform. We're the single source of truth for the latest and greatest technology insights and best practices for software developers across the world.

With a community of well over 500,000 developers, CTOs, and enterprise architects, we bring both independent engineers and Fortune 500 teams together to increase engineering productivity by helping them make better technology decisions.

Ready to try it out for your organization?

1. Navigate to your company’s StackShare profile. If you haven’t shared your company's stack yet, click here to get listed on StackShare.

2. Make sure your profile is up-to-date with the tech stacks your engineering teams are using today. The companies with the most profile views and success attracting developers on StackShare have multiple tech stacks (e.g. Delivery Hero, OneSignal, ).

3. Add a link to your Lever or Greenhouse jobs in your company profile (visit

This will make your jobs visible on the StackShare jobs portal:

4. Add your StackShare company profile link to your open job postings in your ATS postings (Lever, Greenhouse, etc), Glassdoor job postings, LinkedIn job postings, Hacker News, and other platforms.

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