Building a Google Glass Integration in under two weeks

Anytime a new platform launches, developers who build apps on it first usually get some attention just by virtue of being one of the few apps available. CrushPath, an online pitch platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs, became one of the first Google Glass Explorers.

They decided to build a Google Glass integration to help entrepreneurs quickly pitch their businesses to potential customers on the go. Their app allows any picture taken on Glass to be shared with a caption and immediately transformed into a Pitch. The Pitch can then be shared with Contacts directly from Google Glass and also via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Once the pitch is shared to other Glass users they can view the website from glass, get directions, email and call to speak to the owner.

How we delivered this project in two days

The key to building a feature fast is to understand and limit the scope as well as to have the right tools and people for the job.

Here is the list of ingredients for a successful Crushpath Glass app:

  • 1 pair of Google Glasses
  • Google Glass Docs & Playground
  • StackOverflow
  • Github
  • Ruby wrapper library for the Mirror API
  • Test driven development
  • Quality monitoring via Code Climate
  • Continuous Integration via Codeship
  • Heroku for hosting the Ruby App
  • HipChat, even with 2 people very helpful for sharing links
  • Android screencast emulator to show off our work showing in Glass to the audience

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