I need some advice to choose an engine for generation web pages from the Spring Boot app. Which technology is the best solution today? 1) JSP + JSTL 2) Apache FreeMarker 3) Thymeleaf Or you can suggest even other perspective tools. I am using Spring Boot, Spring Web, Spring Data, Spring Security, PostgreSQL, Apache Tomcat in my project. I have already tried to generate pages using jsp, jstl, and it went well. However, I had huge problems via carrying already created static pages, to jsp format, because of syntax. Thanks.

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Thymeleaf is the way to go. Compared to JSP it is more elegant and less cumbersome. Plus you can render your Thymeleaf templates statically in the browser and it will look good even without a web server. With Spring Boot, Thymeleaf is the recommended way and works out of the box without any additional configuration.

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Ivo Raisr
Ivo Raisr
March 1st 2024 at 8:07AM

It depends on the requirements for the web pages. For server-side rendered web pages, Thymeleaf is the recommended approach. For web pages requiring dynamic page updates without full page reloads, client-side framework (such as React, Angular or Vue) is the better choice.

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