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Hi there,

I have recently moved from C# and Xamarin to Python and IntelliJ IDEA. I finally have a grasp of python and want to start developing web applications with Django. Which IDE should I use?

Note: I have read that PyCharm is great but the community version only allows for basic web applications. Please help

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PyCharm (pro) - great editor designed specifically for Python and python apps - complex (good for configurability, bad for simplicity) - expensive ($200 first year, $120 third year)

PyCharm (free) - same as above but without a REST client or support for other web development tools (which you will likely end up using) - ok to get your feet wet (you can always upgrade later) Full comparison:

VS Code (free) - Configurable "IDE" with support for most modern languages - TONS of simple-to-install extensions that add functionality - Great docs and UI

Sublime Text (free) - one of the most minimal editors out there - it just works

It's really down to personal preference. But I would recommend downloading all of the FREE editors, getting setup in each, and keeping only the ones you like.

My personal choice for web development is VS Code but I started with Pycharm (free), and use Sublime text on occasion.

Just focus on learning and developing and you will find what features you're looking for.

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While you are quite likely to eventually want to upgrade to the pro version, the community version of PyCharm is suitable for large projects.

PyCharm's background 'linting', refactoring tools, folding, navigation and integration with git make the learning needed to use it pay dividends in productivity very quickly.

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