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An environment for developing 2D and 3D graphics applications
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What is OpenGL?

It is a cross-language, cross-platform application programming interface for rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics. The API is typically used to interact with a graphics processing unit, to achieve hardware-accelerated rendering.
OpenGL is a tool in the Graphics Libraries category of a tech stack.

Who uses OpenGL?

13 companies reportedly use OpenGL in their tech stacks, including Avocode, Cruise, and (주)아티슨앤오션.

136 developers on StackShare have stated that they use OpenGL.

OpenGL Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to OpenGL?
It is integrated completely into all the web standards of the browser allowing GPU accelerated usage of physics and image processing and effects as part of the web page canvas. Its elements can be mixed with other HTML elements.
It is the open, royalty-free standard for cross-platform, parallel programming of diverse processors found in personal computers, servers, mobile devices and embedded platforms. It greatly improves the speed and responsiveness of a wide spectrum of applications in numerous market categories including gaming and entertainment titles, scientific and medical software, professional creative tools, vision processing, and neural network training and inferencing.
A parallel computing platform and application programming interface model,it enables developers to speed up compute-intensive applications by harnessing the power of GPUs for the parallelizable part of the computation.
Automatically compile simple JavaScript functions into shader language and run them on the GPU. In case a GPU is not available, the functions will still run in regular JavaScript.

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