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  • Cheaper, Faster, Safer Builds

    December 05, 2016 23:59

    The open-source Convox Platform-as-a-Service is built entirely on AWS cloud services.

    Through this lens, it's been obvious that AWS has been missing a managed build service. For the past year we've had to work around this by building our own build service on ECS and ECR. You can read more on my AWS Missing Parts: Build Service blog post.

    So I'm excited to finally have this service. After a quick weekend prototype, the service works as expected and will unlock Cheaper, Faster and Safer Builds for our systems.

    This is a classic AWS service. It's tricky to figure out all the options. I recommend jumping straight to the Docker example docs:

    You'll need to figure IAM, Build Project JSON, and Build Spec YAML to get it all working.

    But once you do, you've unlocked managed builds on small, medium or large compute types. No instances required!

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