Nikola Novakovic
Recent Tech Decisions
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  • Node.js

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    When ever there is a need for real time, event driven , non-blocking things this is my go to. It filles in the spots where Rails could not and it does that very well.

  • Bootstrap

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    Easy to spin up UI for anything. Great for testing and mocking stuff out.

  • DigitalOcean

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    Good for deploying apps where you want total control over everything. You need to have DevOps and SysAdmin skills tough.

  • Heroku

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    Easy deployment for kicking off your project. No DevOps headaches.

  • AngularJS

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    When ever I need heavy user client side apps this is my tool of choice. There are a ton of JS frameworks out there, picked this one because of philosophy they are trying to put out there and great community. Two way data binding FTW!

  • Rails

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    Using Rails as a go to thing for creating API's or full blown web apps. Love writing Ruby, convention over configuration style is great and it has a tons of gems and community behind it :)