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I am highly confused about using Machine Learning in Web Development. Should I learn ML in Python or start with TensorFlow.js as I'm a MERN stack developer? If any good resource (course/youtube channel) for learning Tensorflow.js is out there, please share it.

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Hello Neel! Thanks for posting. Only joined this site recently and saw your question, but wanted to reach out anyhow. I am actually launching the first ever EdX course for Machine Learning for Web Engineers hopefully mid February. Free to take if you don't need the certification. Should take you from zero to hero for getting productive with web based ML. Using TensorFlow.js in the browser has a number of advantages over Python - privacy, cost, works offline etc. In today's world both are important but given your web background you may enjoy JS. Also our Node.js implementation runs as fast or faster than Python on the server side. Check these links for further reading:

30 min 2021 overview of TensorFlow.js: Book by OReilly: Official TensorFlow.js course coming out in Feb:

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