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Founder, CEO, Developer at Exetera s.r.l.
Founder, CEO, Developer at Exetera s.r.l.·

Hello. I understand you already made your decision about React. I would like to share my experience with you. We're sucessfully working with Angular and Devextreme. After about four years, I can confirm that DX is a mature and very complete line of components and is growing and improving at each major release. I would not go back in my decision (please note that we're using React too, but IMO, Angular is better and more productive when it comes to LOB / Line Of Business solutions).

Of course, IMO, it's also just a little bit expensive if compared with other products.

React on Devextreme came a little later and some components are still under development (as far as I know) or, to be honest, it depends on which DX library you will use (there are two libraries: DevExtreme Reactive and DevExtreme React UI) .

Kind Regards.

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