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Looking for Advice! I am developing a hybrid app for video streaming, I have a prior experience with .NET Core and would like to use it for my back end but the latest buzz on characteristics of Node.js such as light weight, event loop and Async capabilities is really tempting me to reconsider my decision. On a quick research I could observe that a lot of Internet companies use either Python Django or Node JS for their back end which has thrown me into confusion, looking for an expert advice, thx.

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If you want to create a reliable video streaming service, you'll probably want to go with a UDP approach. TCP will throw an exception as soon as a packet drops. That being said..... Node.js is ultimately a bad choice. Way too high-level. I've found, when working with UDP, it's much more performant on lower level languages like C, etc. As far as my recommendation, if you want to go with something 'new' and fun, check out GoLang. It's low level, and developed to handle high performance at scale.

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That's depend on your experience if you are very well in C# you should start using the Technology that's you know and like it.

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