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I have a mission to make a web application for my organization (engineering consultant). With the following bullet points that the new web app has to cover, what is the right tool?

  1. It should be able to display employee data and project data. For example, when searching the name of Mr. Peter Parker, I should be able to click on the name to see his personal profile and also a list of construction projects he is or was a part of. Also, if I click on a project name, say Project ABC building, it should show me the detail of this project (who is the client, who works on this project, where, start-finish dates, etc.)

  2. It should be able to sync with the database from Microsoft Access.

(optional) 3. The user of this web app should be able to propose a rotation of role (Ex. Boss might want Mr. Peter Paker to work in another project next month, he can just drag Peter into XYZ Building.)

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you can achieve what you want with both. but for me, the obvious choice is Aspnet core. the main reason is being the easiness of writing code in a multi-threading manner & ORM. the Django ORM is ugly as hell that I don't even want to look into its code. I did a couple of projects with Django and I wish I never did it. the amount of nuances was so much that after we delivered the projects I rejected any new Django project. I know people still using that and getting projects done but it's not a clever choice when there are easier choices out there.

moreover, after the latest upgrade, the Aspnet core 3 is the fastest and best of framework in 2020.

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I always use Django on my projects. It is really easy and friendly fro the developer. It also comes with an inbuilt admin panel where you can manage all your models (tables), Django has a great authentication and authorization system, and it provides a great and powerful URL dispatcher, suitable for your needs. Furthermore, you can use a called django-pyodbc that is coded specifically for Microsoft SQL Server, and the SQL dialects for SQL Server ("T-SQL") and Access ("Access SQL"). However, I would not recommend using an Access DataBase with any web application's backend. Of course, it depends if you explicitly have Microsoft as your main tech stack.

Hope I helped you, and good luck with your project!

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