Megan Rose
Senior Developer | Blackbird Digital
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  • Trello

    megrrose Megan Morsie

    I use Trello to organize my personal projects such as blog posts, freelance web development, and managing my online presence.

  • WordPress

    megrrose Megan Morsie

    I use WordPress to develop easy-to-maintain, dynamic sites for clients and at my job at KHM Travel Group. I also used WordPress to develop personal/project sites while at Bowling Green State University.

  • Slack

    megrrose Megan Morsie

    I have used Slack to communicate with other developers during and after conferences and to replace email notifications from some of the sites I work on at KHM Travel Group.

  • CodeIgniter

    megrrose Megan Morsie

    I used CodeIgniter while working at KHM Travel Group. It was the system we used for an affiliate-based site called TravSearch, which I later replaced with a WordPress Multisite. I developed a .csv upload form to transfer all the information from the affiliate table of CodeIgniter to the user and options tables in WPMU.

  • Basecamp

    megrrose Megan Morsie

    I have used Basecamp for my project management system while in school at Bowling Green State University and at KHM Travel Group.

  • Skype

    megrrose Megan Morsie

    I use Skype for Business to have virtual meetings with members of my team and to communicate about projects at KHM Travel Group.