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I needed a tool that not only kept everything in one place, but was also easy for clients to use. I first started using Notion and fell in love with it. I eventually had problems when clients didn't want to use it or were confused on how it works. When multiple people are in a workspace, things can also get messy when there is no standard formatting set. Basecamp solved those problems for me by providing all the tools I need in one place. It is very intuitive and my clients love using it as well. I am also a fan of their pricing. Although it can be expensive at first if you are a small team, it is well worth it when you scale.

The team at Basecamp make great products and I will continue to use any tools they release. Also a huge fan of their email app, HEY.

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Samet Özkale
Samet Özkale
August 9th 2021 at 8:27PM

Take a look 👉

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