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I'm looking to integrate a CDP into our Martech and eventually throughout the organization. We're starting to evaluate Segment, Tealium , and Adobe Experience Manager. Does anyone have experience with these tools? How easy was the onboarding/selection process? Was it challenging to explain the difference between DMP and CDP with leadership?

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Obviously, it will not be possible to advice here with little or no knowledge on the business needs. Every tool has it's pros and cons, and largely depends on specific needs. I can add few on Adobe Experience Manager (tool i've been working on for over 5 years): 1. AEM is an expensive tool (also consulting, dev teams come at high price) 2. Adobe is pushing a lot towards moving AEM into cloud. Most of your work will be on Adobe Cloud, though there maybe very few exceptions for some customers to have on-premise implementations. 3. There will be a steep learning curve. 4. Some of the advantages are that it is a very mature platform. You can get great resources and help on it. 5. Think in long term for this.. to realize TCO will take a while and will need Leadership to push/weigh-in/support. 6. There will be lot of custom development (not a lot of AEM's out-of-the-box is useful). 7. Development teams can find examples, help and resources. 8. The entire stack is built on open-source, so other than paying Adobe license fees no need to pay additional software license expenses.

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I hiiiighly recommend Segment. It's so incredibly fast an easy for a front-end developer to add - you can literally have it implemented in ~15 mins, and then you just tag the events you want to track, push the data to whatever tool you want.

One of the awesome things is that you can implement other tools (e.g. Intercom) through Segment with no additional coding - just add them in the Segment console. I use Mixpanel for product analytics, and Segment has flawlessly managed the data at a tiny cost.

Please don't do AEM - they're behind on features and cost more. I can't comment on Tealium but I've heard good things.

As for explaining DMP and CDP, I'd tell them that one is a generic term for how you manage your company's data broadly, and will consist of multiple ETL tools (usually this is term is used in relation to just marketing). CDP, because it's a much more narrow subset, provides specialised, simplified tooling that focuses on the way users interact with your software product. As a BI leader, I would recommend leadership start with something smaller like CDP, demonstrate success, then expand and build out your DMP over time.

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