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  • Google Cloud Storage

    #<User:0x00007efe2f488828> Flutter iOS App

    We use Google Cloud Storage to store the images and other files that are added (uploaded) or generated in the Flutter application.

  • Crashlytics

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    Crashlytics is intended to track issues and crashes sent from the test and the distribution application builds.

  • Xcode

    #<User:0x00007efe395d2670> Flutter iOS App

    The most popular and reliable tool to develop iOS apps.

  • Facebook Login

    #<User:0x00007efe2dc812e8> Flutter iOS App

    Allows the Flutter users to easily log in to the app with their Facebook account.

  • Sketch

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    The Flutter app is designed with Sketch - the vector graphic design application.

  • Adobe After Effects

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    The Flutter app contains an animated graphic made with Adobe After Effects.

  • Logentries

    #<User:0x00007efe2da04bf0> Flutter iOS App

    Logentries is an easy-to-use, self-hosted log management and analytics service for teams of all sizes. It is integrated as a Heroku add-on which makes it simple to search, analyze, and manage the logs.

  • Mixpanel

    #<User:0x00007efe2d9a90e8> Flutter iOS App

    Mixpanel API is integrated to the Flutter app to track the events in real time. It helps to analyze the user's behavior in the app and see if the application and its features are intuitively clear to the users.

  • Twilio SendGrid

    #<User:0x00007efe38aa8e20> Flutter iOS App

    SendGrid is easy to set up and use. For Flutter it is used as a Heroku add-on to send the automated emails.

  • fastlane

    #<User:0x00007efe2e8dfb20> Flutter iOS App

    Fastlane is a perfect tool for the build distributions. Its pretty simple settings allow composing the app builds just with one command. For Flutter it is set up for distributing Crashlytics and Test Flight builds.

  • Swift

    #<User:0x00007efe2e8211e8> Flutter iOS App

    Flutter is coded with Swift v.2.3 and can be run with Xcode v.8.2.1. To launch in Xcode 9.3, the code needs to be migrated to Swift 4.1

  • Google Ads

    #<User:0x00007efe2e931c68> Flutter iOS App

    Measures the effectiveness of the AdWords app install and app engagement campaigns – by tracking the installs and in-app events (such as sign-ups) that were driven by app advertising.

  • Golang

    #<User:0x00007efe3abf5f38> Flutter iOS App

    The following basic API endpoints are implemented on the server written in Go:

    • Authorization (Sign Up, Sign In)
    • Update user profile
    • Community: add post, like post, add comment, delete post, add reply to comment
    • Self-diagnosis: send data from the app to the server
    • Journal: send user data from the app to the server
    • Add groups of community
    • Report post, report comment, report reply
    • Block user

  • Rails

    #<User:0x00007efe3cfcbef8> Flutter iOS App

    Used for searching for doctors, adding articles, recipes, videos. Filtering by tags and categories.

  • PubNub

    #<User:0x00007efe3dfe7490> Flutter iOS App

    Flutter uses PubNub for sending push notifications when the users add new posts to the Flutter Community or leave comments.

  • appsflyer

    #<User:0x00007efe3e204d68> Flutter iOS App

    App Analytics

  • Apiary

    #<User:0x00007efe3df17718> Flutter iOS App

    We use Apiary for adding and updating the API specification.

  • Branch Metrics

    #<User:0x00007efe2f0ebc88> Flutter iOS App

    Deep links point directly to the in-app content from sources across channels and platforms, delivering a high quality user experience. The Branch.io deep links go a step further, linking fresh users from install directly to the correct pages. The Branch links also handle every edge case, routing through every channel, platform, OS, and deep linking standard that exists.