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I am working on a new project and need advice on which front-end technology to use. The back-end is all written in C# MVC and Microsoft SQL Server databases. In the current project, we are using the same technology stack for the front-end; we are using cshtml (razor) with jQuery.

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If you are used to use JQuery, Vue.js more similar to Jquery because you only can import a CDN and start to work. Vue is really flexible and you can use it wherever you want.

In other hand, if you have time to learn and install a new framework as React, use it. React works with a standard and several conventions in his code, then is really easy integrate new libraries and plugins .

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Alex Spieslechner
Alex Spieslechner
July 22nd 2020 at 7:39AM

this is not entirely correct. just like vuejs, reactjs can work with just the referenced script (tag). so you dont need a build pipeline in either. you massively miss out on features and DX though.

the notion that react has several conventions / a standard is also slightly incorrect. out of all choices, react is the least opinionated. its as close to "true" javascript, as it gets. there is no official state-management, routing, etc. so this is all your choice.

vuejs on the other hand takes some decisions off you (benefitial to new developers). there is an official routing library, an official state management lib: vuex, and an official way to approach styling. you get the point.

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both are absolutely great choices. while you'll find more resources and a larger community with react, vuejs typically does some quality of life "magic" for you. its pure taste.

if your html markup comes from razor, I'd recommend globally registered Vue components though. I've successfully used this stack for 4 years. (content from sitecore cms rendered through razor, enriched with vuejs components)

in any case, you will want to try to remove jQuery, if you pick a frontend library, as you should not mix two ways to modify the DOM. it wont break but its unnecessary bloat.

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