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We already have an existing 3d interactive application for windows, mac, and iOS devices and have planned to move that app to the web for high availability to different types of users. I have been searching for different options for it. Our existing application is made in Unity so we prefer to work on unity webgl but it also has its drawbacks. Other than that we are also thinking to change the tech stack to three.js or BabylonJS due to their high compatibility with the web ecosystem. I want to know which engine/library/framework we should use for the development of our 3d web application. Also with unity webgl, we want to develop all UI parts in web technologies only and will use the unity3d for 3d part only.

Points that are very important to consider - 1. Memory optimization and allocation 2. Quality 3. Shaders 4. Materials 5. Lighting 6. Mesh editing, mesh creation at runtime 7. Ar 8. Vr 10. Support on different browsers including mobile browsers 11. Physics(gravity, collision, cloth simulation, etc.) 12. Initial load time 13. Speed and performance 14. Max vertices count. What happens when we load models exceeding max vertex count? 15. Development time 16. Learning curve (Unity3d we already working on) 17. Ease of use. What artists can do using any platform eg. in unity3d, artists can edit materials, set up lighting etc? 18. Future scope 19. Scalability 20. Integration with web ecosystem

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Hi there, if you're still seeking a solution, you can look into echo3D. This would help mostly with optimization and scaling as it's a cloud backend for 3D assets. It integrates with Unity by way of query or SDK and all your assets are called at runtime which helps a lot of course. None of the other features of the game would be affected by storing it on the cloud. If you want to learn more feel free to check out the documentation:

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