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Hi, I am a professional accountant, not a computer programmer but I know programming concept and love it, in past have learned VB.Net in the year 2008. I want to use my accounting experience in programming by developing Web-Based ERP/Accounting Software integrated with to eCommerce platform. I want to develop ERP and eCommerce for a particular industry which can be used by 100+ companies. I am not very sure which programming language and framework I should use for the project. I found that Python-Django is the most powerful platform/framework to build any kind of application. Sometimes I am thinking about ASP.NET because I have learned little .Net concept. Now I want to invest my time and money in something which is very robust and helps to develop my project. So, I am very much confused between ASP.Net or Django. Please could anybody advise me which framework would be ideally good to develop this project which will carry for coming many years... Many thanks for your suggestions and advice.

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ASP.NET will work better in a windows environment. Django probably works better in a Unix environment. I feel like there are a lot more hosting options for Django on Unix (digitalocean, Heroku, Linode, AWS, ...).

So, I think Django.

However, I like Unix and python better, so I'm biased.

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Алексей Тропин
Алексей Тропин
December 24th 2021 at 8:52AM

ASP.NET 6 is cross-platform now

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If you already have some knowledge in C# you can go with ASP.NET Core MVC and continue your learning path (if you liked the language in the first place). but both solution will allow you to build an ERP/eCommerce project.

There is not too much difference between Django and ASP.Net Core MVC both follow the same design principles for building application, they both flexible, provide a lot of library, have a great community support..

The downside (thats my opinion) with ASP.Net Core you are going to follow the Microsoft philosophy of doing thing and you will mostly by tight to there products lineup. Instead of Django where you'll have more freedom.

If your concern is - Robustness: both are valid choice - Long Term Support: Go ASP.Net why? Because the project is maintained by Microsoft the chance that the project go unmaintained is low. Django is more Open Source we never know when it will stop be maintained.

The best I can give you, it's to try both and make your own opinion. Build a Proof of Concept and see by yourself.

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Dinesh Kasar
Dinesh Kasar
December 30th 2021 at 11:44AM

Thank you Guillaume Maka for your recommendations. It is quite difficult to make up the mind when both choices are quite similar in terms of giving the the result. so as you suggested, I would try both at the initial level and see where i get comfort.

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