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Hello everyone, I plan on building a platform that supports 100s of forums out of the box, it would give the user the ability to create forums, where other users can comment, post images, and videos (the size of videos would be limited). Each forum would have the ability to trend. I have been doing a lot of research and I have arrived at Golang and Erlang as the backend languages and PostgreSQL as the DB. Erlang would be used for the routing of chats and messages, while Go would be used to manage the forums. We would also be implementing a one on one chat system like WhatsApp chat, where users can add contacts.

Please I would like to know if the languages picked are appropriate for this project. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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I think Postgres is an excellent RDBMS with very good language drivers and features which lead to a good developer experience. It should be the first choice amongst RDBMS’s assuming that an RDBMS is appropriate.

Postgres Aurora on AWS is as good as it gets.

Regarding languages, I don’t have experience with with Erlang or Golang. But they will not matter that much if you have right skill set to use them to their potential and if they have quality drivers to communicate with Postgres.

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Chiazam life
Chiazam life
October 26th 2022 at 5:29PM

Thanks Devang Mehta, for the response . I decided that using two programming languages to implement this project would lead to complexities, I would be using only Golang to implement the backend. PostgreSQL would be used for ACID transactions and ScyllaDB for write and read transactions.

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