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Our main use case for ES/OS is as a storage backend for Graylog. However they stated that they won't offer compatibility beyond Elasticsearch 7.10 and instead will focus on OpenSearch instead, so that's what we did as well. Migration was pretty easy as there is a lot of well written documentation from both Graylog and OpenSearch.

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Adrian Sinner #97 - Moto VLOG
Adrian Sinner #97 - Moto VLOG
June 16th 2023 at 11:36AM


I followed the documentation found online and managed to get the OpenSearch installed and running.

Problem is that, if i stop the ES service, the Graylog server stops receiving messages.

So, i presume i did not made the complete.. transition to OS and i missed some steps..?

I cannot find this in any documentation whatsoever.

Thnk u

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