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I am a student and a junior developer who is a graduating candidate in comp sci major. I am about to start building my final year project which is a real-time messaging application for software developers to Enhance Knowledge Exchange and Problem Solving. It is mainly a chat application with more enhanced features. I am planning to use React and React Native for the frontend and cross-platform mobile apps, Node.js and ExpressJS for the backend, GraphQL for fetching and manipulating data from the backend and PostgreSQL for the database, and finally Socket.IO for the real-time chatting and communication. I would highly appreciate it if anyone here with experience in building similar apps to tell me if I made a good choice or suggest better tech stacks.

Thanks in advance.

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Your tech stack is solid for building a real-time messaging project.

React and React Native are excellent choices for the frontend, especially if you want to have both web and mobile versions of your application share code.

ExpressJS is an unopinionated framework that affords you the flexibility to use it's features at your term, which is a good start. However, I would recommend you explore Sails.js as well. Sails.js is built on top of Express.js and it provides additional features out of the box, especially the Websocket integration that your project requires.

Don't forget to set up Graphql codegen, this would improve your dev experience (Add Typescript, if you can too).

I don't know much about databases but you might want to consider using NO-SQL. I used Firebase real-time db and aws dynamo db on a few of my personal projects and I love they're easy to work with and offer more flexibility for a chat application.

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suwaidi online
suwaidi online
May 29th 2024 at 9:48AM

MVP for testing and customer feedback, then a simple tech stack like WordPress would do the work.


I built a very similar application with real-time chatting, and I used a very similar stack to yours (MySQL instead of Postgre). The stack that you chose is very good for what you want to make (or have already made since I am 2 weeks late).

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Adornand admire
Adornand admire
June 17th 2024 at 11:20AM

openings out there because there's just more web dev to be done then app development.

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