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I am unhappy. When doing my research, I heard Python is useless. Data science is an unworthy field thanks to TensorFlow, and web scraping has also become pointless since the introduction of the PWA. Since PWAs are only frontend, I feel forced to learn JavaScript, and to ditch Python. I love Python with all my mind, it's simplicity, conciseness, and easiness as a tool. Here are a few questions:

  1. Should I forget Python and move on?
  2. Are there any PWA alternatives to JavaScript/TypeScript. I've been thinking of using Python for WASM and use HTML+CSS for the DOM to create the PWA. Is this possible?
  3. Why is JavaScript such a pain in the butt
  4. What's the point of me learning Python if it's not useful for web development?
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JavaScript is reduced Python. Python is powerful. If Python is not powerful you can mix it with C/C++ - this is not available in JavaScript in easy way. I am programmer and electrical engineer too - I think for research Python is the best thing. JavaScript is better for Web. I code in both very good.

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You should not ditch or forget Python because of what you hear or because of one particular project. It's probably going to stay relevant and useful for the coming 20 years. If you're a programmer, you should however be prepared to use several tools, and programming languages are just part of the toolbox (like HTML or CSS, but also your IDE, powershell, linux commands, etc.) It's not for nothing that this site is called "stackshare".

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