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What is Cerebro?

It is cross-platform extendable open-source launcher focused on extendability, speed, good UI and UX. In most cases, you don't need to launch another application – you can see everything in Cerebro, i.e. google maps, films on IMDB, results of shell scripts or gifs
Cerebro is a tool in the Application Launcher category of a tech stack.
Cerebro is an open source tool with GitHub stars and GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Cerebro's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses Cerebro?

4 companies reportedly use Cerebro in their tech stacks, including Investing.com, WISEflow, and Infrastructure.

18 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Cerebro.

Cerebro's Features

  • Search files
  • Launch an app
  • Google maps
  • Translate, calculator and converter

Cerebro Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Cerebro?
Kibana is an open source (Apache Licensed), browser based analytics and search dashboard for Elasticsearch. Kibana is a snap to setup and start using. Kibana strives to be easy to get started with, while also being flexible and powerful, just like Elasticsearch.
A productivity application for macOS, which boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords and text expansion. Search your Mac and the web, and control your Mac using custom actions with the Powerpack.
It is a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience for greater productivity. Inspired by the Windows 95 era PowerToys project, this reboot provides power users with ways to squeeze more efficiency out of the Windows 10 shell and customize it for individual workflows.

Cerebro's Followers
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