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Now, to be clear, I'll still use VS Code for larger projects because my computer is somewhat oldish (5 or so years) and isn't quite beefy enough to run a large project on an IDE, but for a small-medium project, IDEA is perfect.

I have mostly migrated to IDEA because of it's beautiful UI, git tools, and file tree. There are other reasons, but these are the top 3.

The UI is modern and clean, it has depth and everything is easy to read compared to VS Codes flat design, and zero depth.

The git tools are amazing. Sure, VS Code has useful git tools, but most of the time I hardly remembered they were there. But for the times I did use it, using the git CLI was more convenient. But Git and IDEA? Now that's a match made in heaven. Git is well integrated, and makes working with git a bit easier than the CLI. You can do everything in the GUI that you can in the CLI, and it makes having to do that dreaded hard reset super easy. Like there's no real way you could possibly screw it up my putting in the wrong command, or the wrong commit to roll back to. Rebasing is easy. Pushing is easy, Commiting is easy. Just about anything git is easier with IDEA.

With it's terminal-like git controller, (though that is more GUI than CLI), we have the option to add branches both locally and directly to the remote. We can delete branches both locally and remotely directly, and you can follow your typical git workflow by right clicking. You also have a beautiful git menu up-top. And here is the path to fast commits:

And for that file tree? I mean, try finding your way around a large project in VS Code is a nightmare, or even just a medium sized project the size of my weather app (in current progress), it's hard to navigate in vs code. I always forget where I am, and where to go. I always have to use the menu search. Now for IDEA's file tree, I haven't even touched the search feature yet other than for testing it out. It is so much clearer and easier to read. So yeah, I'm a bit enthusiastic about this tool, and wonder why I didn't try it out sooner but anyways, yea. IDEA FTW.

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