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Visual Studio Code became famous over the past 3+ years I believe. The clean UI, easy to use UX and the plethora of integrations made it a very easy decision for us. Our gripe with Sublime was probably only the UX side. VSCode has not failed us till now, and still is able to support our development env without any significant effort.

Goland being paid, as well as built only for Go seemed like a significant limitation to not consider it.

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Ziaul hasan
Ziaul hasan
July 9th 2020 at 6:47AM

no competition. I will blindly go with vs code. I have tried all editors and ide for different programming language eclipse, pycharm, webstrom, visual studio, sublime, etc. Some of them are very good but developed for only a certain language. but vs code is different. You can write any code you want with any feature you can imagine . You just need some extension and you are good to go. and it is very light weight in comparison to others. its like best of both world

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Senior Software Engineer at Pulley