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I need to choose a monitoring tool for my project, but currently, my application doesn't have much load or many users. My application is not generating GBs of data. We don't want to send the user information to New Relic because it's a 3rd party tool. And we can deploy Kibana locally on our server. What should I use, Kibana or New Relic?

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Kibana and ELK stack is way far better in enterprise solution. But if you are going to deploy something smal, it does't worth the configuration and maintenance of the ELK stack. You'll have lots of challenges every day. If you have a small team, I do not recommend on-promiss ELK. You can also consider ELK hosted services which are very easier to use, like

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New Relic's value to me is the ability to see how end users perceive the application. Kibana is going to be limited to what is sent to it. The value to larger companies is paying New Relic to package up knowledge on what are typical trigger values. If you your scope is small, not a global website for example, and your key outage risks are local events then Kibana would be a low cost solution but you may be the sole provider of configuration logic.

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