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I am a React developer who is bootstrapping a tech startup that will be heavy on multi-platform apps. I am torn between deciding what platform(s) to stick with for the company. I have read a lot about these frameworks/languages, and opinions seem to be on the extremes. Can people who currently work with Swift React Native or Android SDK (individually, or a combination of them) share their realtime perspectives and experiences working with them?

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React Native

Hi, I worked on a lot of Android applications that needed native components and fine-tuned communications protocols, so multi-platform apps was impossible or way too expensive. There are a lot of examples over the years of companies beginning with multi-platform framework and finally switching to native e.g. https://medium.com/airbnb-engineering/react-native-at-airbnb-f95aa460be1c

My advice would be, as you are at the beginning of your startup and know React well: Develop your first app in React to showcase your product, add features, remove ones and find your product-market fit. Switch to native only if you have really bad performances issues or features that you cannot implement in React. It will save you a lot of times ! There is very few developers who are experts in Android & iOS !

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Chinomnso Awazie
Chinomnso Awazie
July 31st 2020 at 6:10PM

Thanks for your meaningful and helpful contribution.

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