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We've used Zoom for a year or two. They offer 1 Gb online storage that is convenient for sending out links to team members who miss a meeting. But some of their meetings run to 850 Mb each, which means I'm always overflowing the limit even though I don't leave a meeting up for more than a week.

So I asked about buying additional storage. The answer was that the first additional step was all the way to 100 Gb at $40/month when the basic video package was only $15/month. That's ridiculous!

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Jitsi Meet

I think Jitsi is clearly underrated and has all the wanted features for a simple video conferencing. Jitsi is opensource and privacy/security concerned (Zoom had some serious security issues). You can easily host your own instance or use the public one or purchase a hosted one. There is mobile & desktop apps and you can easily connect using a browser (a must-have feature for entreprise guests).

About your meeting records, Jitsi has a record feature (to Dropbox on public server and more integrations on private ones) and a Livestream feature to Youtube which is really cool and allow you to have unlimited videos, create playlist, public or not...

So I would definitely go for Jisti !

NB: if your company has a Microsoft 365 subscriptions or a Google Workspace one, you should also consider using them as they are part of you plan :)

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Jitsi Meet

Jitsi is open source. One can easily implement at their own premises. It offers live streaming thru which one can stream to you tube live. No hassles of storage. Another option is to deliver the lecture and store at local device cloud (open cloud) and share the link to the end users who requires to use the resources

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