Google BigQuery

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Analyze terabytes of data in seconds

What is Google BigQuery?

Run super-fast, SQL-like queries against terabytes of data in seconds, using the processing power of Google's infrastructure. Load data with ease. Bulk load your data using Google Cloud Storage or stream it in. Easy access. Access BigQuery by using a browser tool, a command-line tool, or by making calls to the BigQuery REST API with client libraries such as Java, PHP or Python.
Google BigQuery is a tool in the Big Data as a Service category of a tech stack.

Who is using it?

480 companies use Google BigQuery in their tech stacks, including Spotify, Delivery Hero, and The New York Times.


Delivery Hero

The New York Times






Bepro Company



Trendyol Group

Why developers like Google BigQuery

High Performance
Easy to use
Fully managed service
Cheap Pricing
Process hundreds of GB in seconds
Full table scans in seconds, no indexes needed
Big Data
Always on, no per-hour costs
Good combination with fluentd