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Hello, A question to frontend developers. I am a beginner on frontend.

I am building a UI for my company to replace old legacy one with React and this question is about choosing how to apply design to it.

I have Tailwind CSS on one hand and Ant Design on the other (I didnt like mui and Bootstrap doesn't seem to have enterprise components as ant) As far as I understand, tailwind is great. It allows me to literally build an application without touching the css but I have to build my own react components with it. Ant design or mantine has ready to use components which I can use and rapidly build my application.

My question is, is it the right approach to: - Use a component framework for now and replace legacy app. - Introduce tailwind later when I have a frontend resource in hand and then build own component library

Thank you.

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Although I use Hugo instead of React (and don't have experience with Ant Design), I'd highly suggest using Tailwind. The main reason I like it is because I can't tell if a site is using Tailwind or regular CSS, whereas once you've seen a Bootstrap site, you'll see Bootstrap everywhere whenever it's used (and I'd assume the same with Ant Design).

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Most probably you don't want to create component's logic from scratch. As you already have an app, try to make a list of all components that you'll need - modals, dropdowns, etc. And then try to find a library that has all of them, because some components are rare (like a range selector).

There's some libraries built with/for tailwind, for example It's pretty basic, but maybe it'll be enough for you.

It's not that when you're using tailwind you're not touching css. It's just a convenient way to write it and it gives you a nice design system by default.

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