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Hi, We are thinking to rebuild a website and need your suggestion on which platform to choose from NodeJs, Laravel & CodeIgnitor. Since it's an education base website and there will be multiple functionalities like the use of graphics, video, animation and off-course forms for lead generation. Please advise us which tool to use to build the website considering load-time, server security, code vulnerability, etc.

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I would suggest you to pick the right stack for the right purpose. My suggestion would be to go for Microservices approach and break your app into smaller pieces according to the type of functionality like you mentioned above. E.g if you would be expecting the high traffic on you platform, then Node.js can be used as the endpoint there to handle that traffic. Normal form processing can be done in Laravel but I would not suggest codeigniter as managing code is difficult there.

So this way you can decide do architecture you app and can use the best of the feature from all the languages. Even it would be easier for you to manage your app based on the functionality and team who will be working on that. Hope you would like my suggestions.

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Node.js is great but if I had a choice for something like this I would pick Elixir and Phoenix. They have LiveViews and channels which be one step up then the other 3 plateforms. It will also scale better and respond faster. Last will probably far less code as well.

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