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Hey everyone, I am planning to start a personal project that would be yet another social media project with real-time communication facilities like one-to-one chat, group chat, and later voice and video chat using WebRTC. The thing I am concerned about is Django being able to handle all the real-time stuff using websockets. I can use Django Channels, but I don't think that would be a very scalable solution. Moreover, django_channels require alto of configurations, and deployment is also a pain. My plan is to use a separate Node.js server to handle all the socket connections and have it talk to the main django server through Redis. My question is whether the above-mentioned solution is a good choice? If yes, how this can be achieved, keeping in mind all the authentication other related problems. It might be simple, but I have never done this before, which might be the main reason I am concerned. But any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance 馃槉

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Try to do it with less - Nodejs + Redis +, optionally you can always communicate with django, but you can do it all in Nodejs, use pm2 and cluster too. For Redis you can also use Pub/Sub, is a good combination for future scaling.

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