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I'm currently doing some research to build a full cross-platform system that our personnel will use for various management and selling purposes, this is just a first step to migrate (and clean, lots of cleaning) a gigantic and obsolete system made in Java 7 with a nightmarish coupling between logic and view layers.

Since the system itself is considerably large, we are currently migrating the essential modules of its logic to an ExpressJS driven Restful API.

As a complementary project, I must find a way to share the highest possible amount of view code while achieving said cross-platform capacity.

My approach is the following:

  • Angular 7+ and Ionic 5 for Android and iOS.
  • Angular 7+ for the web.
  • Angular 7+ and Electron for Desktop.

While Angular is the common part, and considering that Ionic can work on any platform, i'm wondering what is the best way to achieve a non-conflicting integration of Electron.js to the very-commonly-used Angular+Ionic Stack for both Mobile and Web development?

I've stumbled with a quite good template build called Polyonic but I would love to hear more about the matter before taking such a long-lasting decision.

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Hello Fernando, I think that most of your approach is correct but maybe you're forgetting that an Ionic and Angular (together or not) could be a PWA that solves your desktop problem. With a PWA you only have to build a mobile and web solution and remember that you can build a library of components shared between Angular and Ionic. I hope this helps.

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Fernando Albertengo
Fernando Albertengo
September 24th 2020 at 7:37PM

Oh yes, absolutely, with your PWA approach i even get a simpler distribution process. In that case, the only question that remains is if i will have the same level of access to the host. (i do have to connect to some periferials)

Thank you very much!

September 25th 2020 at 9:25AM

Hi again,

here you have a good resume of PWA characteristics:


If you need to use some native functionalities is possible PWA does not fit your necessities but I think it worths it to take a look.

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