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Hi, I start building an admin dashboard with next.js and looking for a frontend framework ( components ready ). So I end up with Ant Design and Material-UI, but I never built a project with these two.

Here is a list of my requirements.

  1. Good documentation.
  2. easy CRUD ( date picker and date range picker bundled )
  3. built-in multi-lang feature or Great 3rd library support
  4. Admin dashboard template
  5. well code maintenance

Which is better for the long run?

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I'm using both of them. But If you want to create admin dashboard, You should try AntDesign. They (Alibaba / Taobao) created a group of UI libaries to create admin dashboard. It's production ready. In my opinion, If you want to create a dashboard with mobile first / simple dashboard, you can choice material ui. otherwise, antdesign is better (if you want focus on desktop /tablet ui). Some of skeleton has built with material ui such as react-admin is good point to start. But if you want to create admin site with antdesign, I think you should build with umijs (it is alternative and compatible with nextjs and antd support directlly)

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