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I would like to build a community-based customer review platform for a niche industry where users can sign up for a forum, as well as post detailed reviews of their experience with a company/product, including a rating system for pre-selected features. Something like niche.com or areavibes.com with curated information/data, ratings, reviews, and comparison functionalities.

Is this possible to build using no-code tools? I have read about the possibility of using Webflow with Memberstack, Airtable, and Elfsight through Zapier / Integromat, which may allow for good design and functionality. Is it possible with Bubble or Bildr?

I have no problems with a bit of a learning curve as long as what I want is possible. Since I have 0 coding experience, I am not sure how to go about it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey there! I admire you because I was in your shoes about 3 years ago. Congrats at having a dream and wanting to do it. That is awesome. Keep going.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend trying to do this on a no-code platform. I would use webflow for the design, and building of the html, and css, but then I would build your rating/review/forum platform on Laravel.

Laravel simplifies the application process and there are a ton of resources out there that can help you with development and learning the basics.

No matter what, you will have to learn some code for this project if you want to pull it off. In my opinion, setting up your project on a great web framework will set it up for success, especially if your app is used by a lot of people.

If you set it up on bubble or webflow, and then you get a lot of users, you are going to have to move to a web framework. Taking the hard road now will save you a lot later in the long run.

I just happened to write a blog about this very thing this morning, which is linked below.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you would like help with this! and good luck!

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July 23rd 2020 at 8:42AM

Thanks for the tip! I'll check out Laravel for sure.