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Currently, we are using WordPress in the organisation to deliver content externally to clients via a portal. However, we have installed way too many plugins for our liking, and they are starting to conflict with one another. Also, there were issues around scalability in the way we initially designed it. A few people in the organisation are leaning toward a Microsoft SharePoint solution using Livetiles, but we've been told it is mainly geared towards internal/intranet solutions as opposed to external solutions (which we provide). I was wondering if anyone has some high-level thoughts to share in regards to moving to a Microsoft Sharepoint environment vs. a more flexible solution like Umbraco.

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SharePoint isn't good for public websites. It's better to use Umbraco or WordPress. Umbraco vs WordPress: which CMS is best for you? The answer will depend on the team of your programmers. If they use stack of technologies they will prefer to use Umbraco. If they use PHP they will choose WordPress. I suppose both CMS can work well for your needs if you choose professional developers, and it's better to not install plugins from different vendors))) for any CMS.

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I am not sure if I can recommend one or the other without knowing your exact needs and what plugins you are using. Is this just a company publicity website, or more of a web application with login functionality and a store?

But, Sharepoint doesn't seem like the best solution in my point of view for a public-facing website.

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