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4smart Packages Overview

Software composition analysis (SCA) tool to monitor open source dependencies for security and compliance risks.
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What is 4smart Packages Overview?

It provides the ability to see which packages are used on the project, which of them are at the latest version and which require updates. Also, it highlights packages with known vulnerabilities that help to react to threats quickly. The tool helps developers, architects, and managers to keep their dependencies up to date and lower the maintainability and vulnerabilities risks.
4smart Packages Overview is a tool in the Security category of a tech stack.

4smart Packages Overview Integrations

GitHub, jQuery, Bitbucket, Bootstrap, and Font Awesome are some of the popular tools that integrate with 4smart Packages Overview. Here's a list of all 15 tools that integrate with 4smart Packages Overview.

4smart Packages Overview's Features

  • Support of NuGet and NPM packages
  • Shows how many packages (NuGet and NPM) are in the project
  • Shows how many packages of latest version
  • Shows how many packages are outdated
  • Shows how many packages have vulnerabilities
  • Integrates with Bitbucket and GitHub
  • Provides the ability to filter packages by keyword
  • Ability to see package version
  • Ability to see which package has the latest version
  • Ability to see which package has outdated major, minor or patch version
  • Provides a link to the original package source
  • Provides a link to the vulnerability description

4smart Packages Overview Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to 4smart Packages Overview?
Black Duck
It is a solution that helps development teams manage risks that come with the use of open source. It gives you complete visibility into open source management, combining sophisticated, multi-factor open source detection capabilities with the Black Duck KnowledgeBase.
Automatically find & fix vulnerabilities in your code, containers, Kubernetes, and Terraform
JFrog Xray
It is an application security SCA tool that integrates security directly into your DevOps workflows, enabling you to deliver trusted software releases faster. It fortifies your software supply chain and scans your entire pipeline from Git to your IDE, through your CI/CD Tools, and all the way through distribution to deployment.
The leading solution for agile open source security and license compliance management, WhiteSource integrates with the DevOps pipeline to detect vulnerable open source libraries in real-time.
It seamlessly integrates application security into the software lifecycle, effectively eliminating vulnerabilities during the lowest-cost point in the development/deployment chain, and blocking threats while in production.
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